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Welcome to Two Tables Press

Two Tables Press offer prints, books, wearables and more as well as private and group creative workshops and art mentoring. Each handmade items and captured images offered here are things that make us happy, curious and bring joy. We hope you find something that will make life more beautiful. 

Two Tables Press strives to use sustainable practices in that we use recycled, upcycled and handmade materials as often as possible. Many items are made in-house, like cyanotype and marbled papers. Others are sources from local and sustainable vendors. 

Most paper is acid free and archival. 

Most items are handmade and not "factory finished", so imperfections are to be expected and enjoyed. 


Barbara & John & Salty 

Meet the Team

Meet The Team



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I am the creative trouble maker who started Two Tables Press in 2011 with two tables and a small etching press. I love making images and books using recycled materials. I have an BFA and MFA in Fine Arts. I am also a art educator, photography assistant and meteorite spotter and cat herder. My secret skill is an odd ability to recognize celebrity voice overs.



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I am the in-house art critic, paper weight and gravity tester. While I reluctantly test of static electricity, I do enjoy making biscuits, chasing string, and diving under carpets. My secret skill is ignoring all my other toys to play with a freshly crumpled Post-It note. 



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I am the astro photographer and avid off road traveler. I am also the studio coach and 'clean hands' assistant. I make a mean curry while providing random geography trivia and general jocularity. I also am a licensed Wedding Officiant and Career Development Specialist, Leadeship Coach. 

Meet The Fleet 


Proud Mary 

Custom made for Two Tables Press by Takach Press in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this large etching press is named after John's grandmother Mary Gartin who also was an artist and creative troublemaker. 


The vanPress

Acquired in July of 2019 at a thrift store in Kingman, AZ by David and Stephanie Van Ness, the "vanPress" is named after this extreme feat of thrifting luck.  



The first press acquired in 2010, PFred is a rugged, clunky but lightweight small press that was used at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and as well as 4 of the states Two Tables Press has resided in. 

Meet the Fleet
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